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Microalgae Cultivation Using LED Light
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 Title & Authors
Microalgae Cultivation Using LED Light
Kim, Dae Geun; Choi, Yoon-E;
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Microalgae have been considered as a promising microorganism in the field of bio-industry due to their abilities to fix carbon dioxide as well as biosynthesize valuable secondary metabolites. Of many lighting sources for microalgal cultivation, LED (Lighting Emitting Diode) has been emerged as the appropriate choice with multiple advantages over the conventional bulbs. However, it is only in recent years that we have witnessed the possibility of application of LED into microalgae cultivation system. LED will serve as an evolutionary lighting source for microalgae cultivation system and open the frontier for integrative bio-industries. In this paper, we present the comprehensive review on the recent trends of LED applications into microalgal biotechnology.
LED;Microalgae;Photobioreactor;Microalgae Culture;LED Developments;
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LED 파장에 따른 강도다리 Platichthys Stellatus 성장특성,장준철;허인성;이세일;유영문;

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빛의 조사 기간에 따른 세 가지 미세조류의 지질 함량 변화와 균체의 당화 전환율 비교,임수빈;정지원;연재성;이나경;원종인;

Korean Chemical Engineering Research, 2015. vol.53. 4, pp.468-471 crossref(new window)
LED와 태양광 하이브리드 광원을 이용한 광생물 반응기용 도광판 설계 및 제작,임현철;양승진;백준혁;김재영;장경민;김종태;정상화;박종락;

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