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Characteristics of Flux Decline in Forward Osmosis Process for Asymmetric Cellulose Membrane
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  • Journal title : Korean Chemical Engineering Research
  • Volume 52, Issue 3,  2014, pp.328-334
  • Publisher : The Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers
  • DOI : 10.9713/kcer.2014.52.3.328
 Title & Authors
Characteristics of Flux Decline in Forward Osmosis Process for Asymmetric Cellulose Membrane
Lee, Keun-Woo; Han, Myeong-Jin; Nam, Suk-Tae;
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This study examined the effect of concentration polarization on permeate flux in forward osmosis (FO) membrane process for saline and sucrose solution. The reduction in permeate flux during the FO membrane process is largely due to the formation of concentration polarization on membrane surfaces. The flux reduction due to internal concentration polarization formed on the porous support layer was larger than that due to the external concentration polarization on the active membrane surface. Water permeate flux through the FO membrane increased nonlinearly with the increase in osmotic pressure. The water permeability coefficient was for draw solution on active layer (DS-AL) mode and for draw solution on support layer (DS-SL) mode in NaCl solution system. The corresponding membrane resistance was and , respectively. With respect to the sucrose solution, the permeate flux for DS-AL mode was 1.33~1.90 times higher than that for DS-SL mode. The corresponding variation in the permeation flux (J) due to osmotic pressure () would be expressed as $J
Desalination;Forward Osmosis;Concentration Polarization;Flux Decline;
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친수성을 가지는 에틸셀룰로스-폴리에틸렌글리콜 가지형 고분자의 정삼투 복합막 지지층으로의 응용,유윤아;김진주;강효;이종찬;

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