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Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Hydrogen Production Process from Glycerol using Steam Reforming
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  • Journal title : Korean Chemical Engineering Research
  • Volume 52, Issue 6,  2014, pp.727-735
  • Publisher : The Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers
  • DOI : 10.9713/kcer.2014.52.6.727
 Title & Authors
Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Hydrogen Production Process from Glycerol using Steam Reforming
Park, Jeongpil; Cho, Sunghyun; Lee, Seunghwan; Moon, Dong Ju; Kim, Tae-Ok; Shin, Dongil;
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For improved sustainability of the biorefinery industry, biorefinery-byproduct glycerol is being investigated as an alternate source for hydrogen production. This research designs and optimizes a hydrogen-production process for small hydrogen stations using steam reforming of purified glycerol as the main reaction, replacing existing processes relying on steam methane reforming. Modeling, simulation and optimization using a commercial process simulator are performed for the proposed hydrogen production process from glycerol. The mixture of glycerol and steam are used for making syngas in the reforming process. Then hydrogen are produced from carbon monoxide and steam through the water-gas shift reaction. Finally, hydrogen is separated from carbon dioxide using PSA. This study shows higher yield than former U.S. DOE and Linde studies. Economic evaluations are performed for optimal planning of constructing domestic hydrogen energy infrastructure based on the proposed glycerol-based hydrogen station.
Glycerol;Modeling;Simulation;Optimization;Economic Analysis;Steam Reforming;
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