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Modeling of Multicomponent Mixture Separation Processes Using Hollowfiber Membrane
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 Title & Authors
Modeling of Multicomponent Mixture Separation Processes Using Hollowfiber Membrane
Kim, Sin-Ah; Kim, Jin-Kuk; Lee, Young Moo; Yeo, Yeong-Koo;
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So far, most of research activities on modeling of membrane separation processes have been focused on binary feed mixture. But, in actual separation operations, binary feed is hard to find and most separation processes involve multicomponent feed mixture. In this work models for membrane separation processes treating multicomponent feed mixture are developed. Various model types are investigated and validity of proposed models are analysed based on experimental data obtained using hollowfiber membranes. The proposed separation models show quick convergence and exhibit good tracking performance.
Hollowfiber Membrane;Multicomponent Mixture;Permeability;Separation Model;
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