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The Effect of Functional Group Position of the Piperidine Derivatives on the CO2 Absorption Characteristics in the (H2O-Piperidine-CO2) System
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 Title & Authors
The Effect of Functional Group Position of the Piperidine Derivatives on the CO2 Absorption Characteristics in the (H2O-Piperidine-CO2) System
Choi, Jeong Ho; Yun, Soung Hee; Kim, Yeong Eun; Yoon, Yeo Il; Nam, Sung Chan;
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Absorption characteristics of 2-methylpiperidine (2MPD), 3-methylpiperidine (3MPD) and 4-methylpiperidine (4MPD) absorbents were studied by a vapor-liquid equilibrium (VLE) apparatus and a differential reaction calorimeter (DRC). Using a VLE apparatus, the loading capacity of each absorbent was estimated. After reaching the absorption equilibrium, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR) had been conducted to characterize the species distribution of the (-piperidine-) system. Using a DRC, the reaction of heat was confirmed in accordance with the absorption capacity. The unique characteristics of 2MPD, 3MPD and 4MPD absorbents appeared by the position of methyl group. The 2MPD possessing the methyl group at the ortho position showed its hindrance effect during the absorption process; however, piperidine derivatives possessing the meta position and para position did not show its characteristics in -piperidine- system.
Carbon Dioxide;Piperidine;Greenhouse Gas;Aqueous Absorbents;Alkanolamine;
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