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Treatment of an Authentic Textile-dyeing Wastewater Utilizing a Fluidized Biofilter and Hybrid Recirculating System Composed of the Fluidized Biofilter and a UV/photocatalytic Reactor
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 Title & Authors
Treatment of an Authentic Textile-dyeing Wastewater Utilizing a Fluidized Biofilter and Hybrid Recirculating System Composed of the Fluidized Biofilter and a UV/photocatalytic Reactor
Lee, Eun Ju; Lim, Kwang-Hee;
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A fluidized biofilter was filled with Pseudomonas sp. and Bacillus cereus/thuringiensis-fixed waste-tire crumb media and was run to treat authentic textile-dyeing wastewater mixed with alkaline polyester-weight-reducing wastewater. As a result, its removal efficiency of and color were 75~80% and 67%, respectively. In addition, upon constructing hybrid-recirculating system composed of the fluidized biofilter and a 450 W-UV/photocatalytic reactor, only fluidized biofilter was run bypassing UV/photocatalytic reactor at stage I. Subsequently, the hybrid system was continuously run at stage II-i, ii and iii. At stage II-i, the total removal efficiency of was enhanced to be 80~85%, compared to 75% at stage I, owing to 20~30% removal efficiency of the UV/photocatalytic reactor. However, at stage II-i, the total removal efficiency of color was enhanced to be 65~70%, compared to 45~65% at stage I, even though the removal efficiency of the UV/photocatalytic reactor was tantamount to merely 0~5%. As far as the removal efficiency of fluidized biofilter of the hybrid-recirculating system is concerned, its removal efficiency of color was enhanced by the synergy effect of the hybrid-recirculating system unlike . Besides, despite of the increase of hybrid-recirculating system-recycle ratio, the deactivation of photo-catalytic activity was scarcely observed to eliminate the color while its irreversible deactivation was observed to eliminate .
Authentic Textile-dyeing Wastewater;Fluidized Biofilter;Photocatalytic Reactor;Hybrid Recirculating System;COD;Color;
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