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Optimization of Fatty Acids Production from Lard via Subcritical Water-Mediated Hydrolysis
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  • Journal title : Korean Chemical Engineering Research
  • Volume 53, Issue 2,  2015, pp.199-204
  • Publisher : The Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers
  • DOI : 10.9713/kcer.2015.53.2.199
 Title & Authors
Optimization of Fatty Acids Production from Lard via Subcritical Water-Mediated Hydrolysis
Ryu, Jae-Hun; Shin, Hee-Yong;
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Response surface methodology (RSM) in combination with a 17-run central composite design (CCD) was applied to optimize the non-catalytic hydrolysis of lard using subcritical water to produce fatty acids (FA). The effects of three variables including temperature, molar ratio of water to oil and time, and their relationship on FA content were investigated. A quadratic regression model was employed to predict the FA contents. Optimum reaction conditions for maximizing the FA content were obtained as follows: reaction temperature of , molar ratio of water to oil of 39.5 and reaction time of 29.5 min. Under the optimum conditions, the predicted and experimentally obtained FA contents were 97.06% and 96.99%, respectively.
Oleochemicals;Fatty Acids;Hydrolysis;Subcritical Water;Optimization;RSM;
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