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Characteristics of sPAES Membrane and sPEEK Membrane for Direct Formic Acid Fuel Cell
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  • Journal title : Korean Chemical Engineering Research
  • Volume 53, Issue 6,  2015, pp.690-694
  • Publisher : The Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers
  • DOI : 10.9713/kcer.2015.53.6.690
 Title & Authors
Characteristics of sPAES Membrane and sPEEK Membrane for Direct Formic Acid Fuel Cell
Jeong, Jae-Hyeon; Song, Myung-Hyun; Chung, Hoi-Bum; Lee, Moo-Seok; Lee, Dong-Hoon; Chu, Cheun-Ho; Na, Il-Chai; Park, Kwon-Pil;
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Recently, direct formic acid fuel cells (DFAFC) among direct liquid fuel cells is studied actively. Economical hydrocarbon membranes alternative to fluorinated membranes for DFAFC`s membrane are receiving attention. In this study, characteristics of sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone, sPEEK) and sulfonated poly(arylene ether sulfone, PAES) membranes were compared with Nafion membrane at DFAFC operation condition. Formic acid crossover current density of hydrocarbon membranes were lower than that of Nafion 211 fluorinated membrane. I-V performance of sPEEK MEA(Membrane and Electrode Assembly) was similar to that of Nafion 211 MEA due to similar membrane resistance each other. sPEEK MEA with low formic acid crossover showed higher stability compared with Nafion 211 MEA.
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