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Electrochemical Characteristics of Silicon/Carbon Composites with CNT for Anode Material
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Electrochemical Characteristics of Silicon/Carbon Composites with CNT for Anode Material
Jung, Min zy; Park, Ji Yong; Lee, Jong Dae;
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Silicon/Carbon/CNT composites as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries were synthesized to overcome the large volume change during lithium alloying-de alloying process and low electrical conductivity. Silicon/Carbon/CNT composites were prepared by the fabrication processes including the synthesis of SBA-15, magnesiothermic reduction of SBA-15 to obtain Si/MgO by ball milling, carbonization of phenolic resin with CNT and HCl etching. The prepared Silicon/Carbon/CNT composites were analysed by XRD, SEM, BET and EDS. In this study, the electrochemical effect of CNT content to improve the capacity and cycle performance was investigated by charge/discharge, cycle, cyclic voltammetry and impedance tests. The coin cell using Silicon/Carbon/CNT composite (Si:CNT
Silicon/Carbon/CNT;Anode material;Carbon nanotube;Magnesiothermic reduction;Lithium ion battery;
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인산 처리된 표면 개질 음극 석탄계 피치의 전기화학적 특성,이호용;이종대;

공업화학, 2016. vol.27. 4, pp.415-420 crossref(new window)
구형 나노 실리카를 사용한 다공성 실리콘/탄소 음극소재의 전기화학적 특성,이호용;이종대;

Korean Chemical Engineering Research, 2016. vol.54. 4, pp.459-464 crossref(new window)
음극소재로 PFO에서 개질된 붕산처리 소프트 카본의 전기화학적 성능,이호용;이종대;

Korean Chemical Engineering Research, 2016. vol.54. 6, pp.746-752 crossref(new window)
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