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Production of Total Reducing Sugar from Enteromorpha intestinalis Using Citrate Buffer Pretreatment and Subsequent Enzymatic Hydrolysis
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 Title & Authors
Production of Total Reducing Sugar from Enteromorpha intestinalis Using Citrate Buffer Pretreatment and Subsequent Enzymatic Hydrolysis
Kim, Dong-Hyun; Kim, A-Ram; Park, Don-Hee; Jeong, Gwi-Taek;
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In this study, the effects of citrate buffer pretreatment conditions (solid-to-liquid ratio, reaction temperature, pH and concentration of buffer) on enzymatic hydrolysis of E. intestinalis for total reducing sugar (TRS) production were investigated. As a results of the citrate buffer pretreatment, a 5.40% hydrolysis yield was obtained under conditions including 1:10 solid-to-liquid ratio, 0.25 M citrate buffer (pH 3.5) at for 60 min. The maximum hydrolysis yield of 18.68% was obtained to enzymatic hydrolysis after pretreatment. This result is 1.81 times higher than that of control.
Enteromorpha intestinalis;Citrate buffer pretreatment;Enzymatic hydrolysis;Total reducing sugar;
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