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Separation Behavior of Paclitaxel and Its Semi-synthetic Precursor 10-Deacetylpaclitaxel from Plant Cell Cultures
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 Title & Authors
Separation Behavior of Paclitaxel and Its Semi-synthetic Precursor 10-Deacetylpaclitaxel from Plant Cell Cultures
Lee, Chung-Gi; Kim, Jin-Hyun;
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In this study, we investigated the separation behavior of the anticancer agent paclitaxel and its semi-synthetic precursor 10-deacetylpaclitaxel (10-DAP) from plant cell cultures. As a result of sequential separation/purification performed by biomass extraction with solvent, liquid-liquid extraction, adsorbent treatment, hexane precipitation, and fractional precipitation, the adsorbent treatment was found to be the most effective in separating and recovering 10-DAP from paclitaxel. The optimal adsorbent type, crude extract/adsorbent ratio, and adsorbent treatment temperature were sylopute, 1:1.5 (w/w), and , respectively. The separation/recovery of 10-DAP from paclitaxel was 74.1% in adsorbent treatment process under optimal conditions.
Paclitaxel;10-Deacetylpaclitaxel;Separation;Adsorbent Treatment;Optimization;
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