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A Study on the Dynamic Voltage Restorer to Application Luminaire for Emergency Exit Sign Operation to the Energy Storage System
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Dynamic Voltage Restorer to Application Luminaire for Emergency Exit Sign Operation to the Energy Storage System
Hwang, Lark-Hoon; Na, Seung-kwon; Kim, Jin Sun;
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Recently, Interest in power the quality was increased because of increasing the use of sensitive load equipment into an electrical disturbance such as computer, Electricity, Electronics, Telecommunications and semiconductor device. In addition, To enhance power quality, the instantaneous voltage drop occurred in precision load equipment is a need for proper compensation. In order to solve the problem, The developed dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) using an electric double layer capacitor (EDLC) has been applied. In this paper, We will do study to apply hybrid capacitors that have high energy density to the same size compared to the EDLC to DVR. Also, As a emergency luminaires of emergency power supply that we can support more than 10 years of life was confirmed the applicability of hybrid capacitor.
Dynamic voltage restore;Electric double layer capacitor;Emergency luminaires of emergency;Hybrid super capacitor;Telecommunications;
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