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An Efficient Information Fusion Method for Air Surveillance Systems
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 Title & Authors
An Efficient Information Fusion Method for Air Surveillance Systems
Cho, Taehwan; Oh, Semyoung; Lee, Gil-Young;
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Among the various fields in the communications, navigation, and surveillance/air traffic management (CNS/ATM) scheme, the surveillance field, which includes an automatic dependent surveillance - broadcast (ADS-B) system and a multilateration (MLAT) system, is implemented using satellite and digital communications technology. These systems provide better performance than radar, but still incur position error. To reduce the error, we propose an efficient information fusion method called the reweighted convex combination method for ADS-B and MLAT systems. The reweighted convex combination method improves aircraft tracking performance compared to the original convex combination method by readjusting the weights given to these systems. In this paper, we prove that the reweighted convex combination method always provides better performance than the original convex combination method. Performance from the fusion of ADS-B and MLAT improves an average of 51.51% when compared to the original data.
Automatic dependent surveillance - broadcast;Mutilateration;Information fusion;Communications, navigation, and surveillance (CNS);Air traffic management;
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공항 항행시스템 운영자 관점에서 자존감이 운영성과에 미치는 영향,송종선;이영길;

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