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The Changes of NO, nNOS, Norepinephrine by Acupucture at LU7, HT5, PC6 Acupoints in Rats
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  • Journal title : Korean Journal of Acupuncture
  • Volume 33, Issue 2,  2016, pp.75-83
  • Publisher : Society for Meridian and Acupoint
  • DOI : 10.14406/acu.2016.012
 Title & Authors
The Changes of NO, nNOS, Norepinephrine by Acupucture at LU7, HT5, PC6 Acupoints in Rats
Shin, Wook; Lee, Yumi; Lee, Kyoungin; Choi, Donghee; Kim, Mirae; Na, Changsu; Kim, Sunmin; Pyo, Byoungsik; Youn, Daehwan;
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Objectives : A previous study demonstrated that the connecting points of three yang meridians attenuated changes of nNOS, and Norepinephrine(NE) in rats. The current study investigated the changes in nNOS, NO and NE upon the needle insertion at varying depths at the connecting point of three yin meridians of the hand. Methods : Needles were inserted into rats, on both left and right sides of the connecting point, including the LU7, HT5 and PC6 acupoints which are three yin meridians of the hand. After insertion, needles were retained for five minutes. Each acupuncture groups were treated acupuncture at each acupoint and at the depths of superficial, middle and deep layer. After the retention, blood was drawn via cardiac puncture, and tissues of each point near meridian vessel was extracted to examine the changes in the expression of nNOS, NO and NE. Results : Compared with the superficial layer group, nNOS production significantly decreased in the middle and deep layer at LU7 acupoint group and in the deep layer at HT5, PC6 acupoint group. The tissue NE decreased in the deep layer on PC6 acupoint and the plasma NE increased at the middle layer at LU7 acupoint group but decreased at the deep layer on at LU7 acupoint group. Conclusions : Acupuncture at connecting points of three yin meridians of the hand can regulate the activities of nNOS, and NE.
acupuncture;connecting point;NO;nNOS;norepinephrine;depth;
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