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Study on Treatment Options for Pediatrics Based on DongEuiBoGam
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 Title & Authors
Study on Treatment Options for Pediatrics Based on DongEuiBoGam
Min, Deul Le;
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Objectives The purpose of this study is to find a way to apply current oriental pediatrics treatment guidelines based on a pediatric chapter in DongEuiBoGam. Methods I learned pediatrics prescription formula, indications of drugs, dosage regimen from DongEuiBoGam, and I classified herbs that can be used for pediatrics prescriptions based on their types, effects, tempers, flavors, toxicities, and attributive channels. Results & Conclusions I learned similarities among pediatrics prescription regimens and the herbs commonly used in pediatrics. Also, I found out physiological and pathological characteristics in pediatrics. I expect that this study would be helpful for current oriental pediatric treatments.
DongEuiBoGam;Pediatrics chapter;Pediatric prescription;Herbs;
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