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Interfacial Characteristics of Al/Cu Hybrid Materials Prepared by Compound Casting
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  • Journal title : Journal of Korea Foundry Society
  • Volume 35, Issue 6,  2015, pp.141-146
  • Publisher : The Korean Foundrymens Society
  • DOI : 10.7777/jkfs.2015.35.6.141
 Title & Authors
Interfacial Characteristics of Al/Cu Hybrid Materials Prepared by Compound Casting
Kim, Nam-Hoon; Kim, Jeong-Min;
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Aluminum-based hybrid parts were fabricated through a compound casting process with Al or Cu inserts which can be used for applications requiring high conductivity. Because the interface stability between the insert and the aluminum matrix is important, the effects of process variables on the interfacial adhesion strength were investigated. Additions of Cu and Mg to Al melt were found to enhance the adhesion strength, though the melt fluidity was slightly deteriorated when a small amount of Mg was added. An isothermal heating process after casting further improved the strength. However AlCu intermetallic compounds formed and their thickness increased during the heating process. As a result, deterioration in the interfacial adhesion strength was observed after an excessive annealing treatment.
Aluminum;Compound casting;Conductivity;Adhesion strength;Fluidity;
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알루미늄의 전기 및 열전도도에 미치는 Boron의 영향,박민경;조재익;이성희;김철우;

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