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Analysis of the Tensile Strength Characteristics of Sand Soil Reinforced by Hair Fiber
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 Title & Authors
Analysis of the Tensile Strength Characteristics of Sand Soil Reinforced by Hair Fiber
Son, Moorak; Lee, Jaeyong;
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This study was carried out with a view to increasing the tensile strength of sand soil and examined the characteristics of the tensile strength of sand soil reinforced by hair fiber which is environmentally friendly. The study investigated the change of the tensile strength and the stress-strain relationship varying the length of hair fiber, the amount of hair fiber, the amount of cement, and curing days. The test results indicated that the tensile strength increased significantly with hair fiber mixed. In addition, the sand soil mixed with hair fiber had larger displacement at failure. Based on the test results, it is appeared that the environmentally friendly hair fiber could be utilized practically to increase the tensile strength of sand soil in the future.
Hair fiber;Sand soil;Cement;Tensile strength;Stress-strain;
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