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Synergistic Interaction in W/O and W/S Emulsions Stabilized by a Mixture of Powders and Surfactant
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 Title & Authors
Synergistic Interaction in W/O and W/S Emulsions Stabilized by a Mixture of Powders and Surfactant
In, So Hyun; Cho, Hwanil; Kang, Nae Gyu; Han, Jong Sup; Park, Sun Gyoo; Lee, Cheon Koo;
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Water-in-oil emulsions including water-in-ester oil and water-in-silicone oil (W/O+S) have various advantages such as blocking moisture evaporation and forming air permeable membrane. However, their applications have been limited due to the poor stability under low viscosity condition. In this study, we investigated the effect of synergistic interaction between nonionic surfactant, micro-size particles and cationic surfactant on the stability of W/O+S formulation. The stability of W/O+S emulsions was changed as a function of cationic surfactant concentration where it increased at lower concentration and then started to decrease above a critical point. Finally, emulsion phase inversion occurred at a high concentration. The results suggest that W/O+S emulsions of low viscosity ranging from 2000 to 5000 cps can be stabilized under the conditions where a nonionic surfactant, micro-size particles and a cationic surfactant are used in the range of 1.0 ~ 4.0 wt%, 2.5 wt% and 0.1 ~ 0.5 wt%, respectively.
W/O emulsion;W/S emulsion;surfactant;particle;synergistic interaction;
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