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Hexane Fraction of Melandrium firmum Extract Induces Laminin-332 Expression in Human Keratinocyte
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 Title & Authors
Hexane Fraction of Melandrium firmum Extract Induces Laminin-332 Expression in Human Keratinocyte
Song, Hye Jin; Kim, Mi-Sun; Lee, Hong Gu; Jin, Mu Hyun; Lee, Sang Hwa;
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Skin basement membrane (BM) is a specialized structure that binds dermis and epidermis of the skin and plays an important role in maintaining skin structure. Structural change and destruction of BM is reported to appear due to UV exposure and aging, which may contribute to skin aging including wrinkle formation and a decrease in elasticity of the skin. One of the key components of the BM is laminin-332 (LN-332), and is a major contributor to epidermal-dermal attachment. In this study, we elucidated the effects of Meladrium firmum hexane fraction (MFHF) on LN-332 expression in HaCaT, a human keratinocyte cell line. Quantitative real-time PCR (RT-PCR) and immunoblot analysis revealed that MFHF induced upregulation of LN-332 gene and protein expression. Next, cells were treated with p38 MAPK inhibitor (SB202190) prior to MFHF treatment to analyze the signaling pathway contributing to LN-332 expression. The mRNA and protein levels of LN-332 expression were suppressed completely by pretreatment with p38 MAPK inhibitor. Furthermore, MFHF also increased the mRNA level of collagen type VII and integrin of skin BM component. These results collectively suggest that MFHF may have potential as an effective agent to stimulate the synthesis of BM components, and could be used to improve phenomenon of skin aging ascribed to the structural and functional impairments of BM in aged human skin.
basement membrane;laminin-332;Melandrium firmum;skin aging;
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