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Quality and Storage Characteristics of Gluten-free Rice Pound Cakes with Different Ratios of Germinated Brown Rice Flour
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 Title & Authors
Quality and Storage Characteristics of Gluten-free Rice Pound Cakes with Different Ratios of Germinated Brown Rice Flour
Yun, Hae-Ra; Kim, Ji Myoung; Shin, Malshick;
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Germinated brown rice (GBR) flour (0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%) was added to brown rice (BR) and white rice (WR) flours and the densities of pound cake batters, morphology, color value, textural properties, sensory preference test, and hardness during storage were investigated, in order to develop health functional gluten-free rice pound cakes with high nutritional value. The rice was milled with the newly developed rice milling method. The entire shape and cross section of all cakes were symmetrical and desirable. The density of pound cake batter and weight of cake increased with addition of increasing GBR. Specific volume was not significantly different (2.1-2.4 mL/g). Textural properties of cakes between WR-GBR and BR-GBR showed different trends with adding GBR. On the sensory test, overall quality of rice pound cake did not significantly differ between rice flour types. Hardness of rice pound cakes and brittleness decreased with increasing addition of GBR flour. The hardness and the peak intensity at $2{\theta}
gluten-free;pound cake;germinated brown rice flour;quality;storage;
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