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Comparison on Physico-Chemical and Affective Properties in Mackerel Cooked by Electric Pan and under Superheated Steam
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 Title & Authors
Comparison on Physico-Chemical and Affective Properties in Mackerel Cooked by Electric Pan and under Superheated Steam
Yu, Gwang Yeon; Cho, In Hee;
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Purpose: This study analyzed and compared the physico-chemical and affective properties between mackerels cooked by an electric pan and under superheated steam. Methods: Mackerel were cooked by an electric pan () for 10 min and mackerel cooked under superheated steam () for 5 min to be internal temperatures of and tests to measure proximate composition, color values, texture profiles, microorganism counts and sensory acceptance were performed. Results: The moisture contents were 60.30% and 73.81% in mackerels cooked by electric pan and under superheated steam, respectively. The rate of weight loss in mackerel cooked by electric pan was 39%, whereas it was 29% in mackerel cooked under superheated steam. Mackerel cooked under superheated steam exhibited more yellowness, higher springiness, cohesiveness, gumminess, chewiness, and resilience with more acceptable preferences (appearance, odor, taste, and texture) compared to the mackerel cooked by electric pan. Conclusion: The application of superheated steam technology to fish products could reduce the cooking time and nutritional loss. Also, it could produce highly preferred fish products compared to that prepared by conventional electric pan.
superheated steam;electric pan;mackerel;physico-chemical and affective property;
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