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Quality Characteristics of Pudding Using Fruit of Corni Fructus and Vaccinium Oldhamii Miq.
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 Title & Authors
Quality Characteristics of Pudding Using Fruit of Corni Fructus and Vaccinium Oldhamii Miq.
Park, Su-Jin; Jeong, Ji-Suk; Son, Byeong-Gil; Go, Geun-Bae; Jung, Yeon-Kwon;
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Purpose: This study chose Vaccinium oldhamii as a material to complement the redness of Sansuyu, which is unstable to heat, to Sansuyu pudding. Methods: The level of browning and hunter color of Corni fructus juice supernatant (CFS) and Vaccinium oldhamii extract (VOE) were examined and dependent on heating time and storage period. Results: A value (redness) of VOE was high, browning was moderate during the storage period, and though the storage period was extended, the value stayed stable, meaning overall redness was maintained. With the increase in the amount of added VOD, the color preference of Sansuyu pudding, and D (VOE 10.0%) was marked the highest at 5.80. As for the preference of texture, B (VOE not added) was the highest at 5.35, but C (VOE 5.0%) was marked the highest at 5.10 for overall preference. The DPPH radical scavenging ability of Sansuyu pudding was 15.86-21.39% at a concentration of 1,000 ppm, and the total polyphenol content was 136.76-139.62 mg/100 g. Since the redness of Sansuyu is unstable to heat and then is heated, its degree of browning and b value (degree of yellowness) increases. Conclusion: So if a material with a red color that is stable to heat is added to Sansuyu, the preference of Sansuyu products will improve.
Sansuyu;Corni fructus;Vaccinium oldhamii;pudding;browning;
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