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A Study of Optical Characteristics for Biodiesel and Diesel Smoke Particles and Measuring their Dimensionless Light Extinction Constants
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  • Journal title : Fire Science and Engineering
  • Volume 30, Issue 1,  2016, pp.37-42
  • Publisher : Korea Institute of Fire Science and Engineering
  • DOI : 10.7731/KIFSE.2016.30.1.037
 Title & Authors
A Study of Optical Characteristics for Biodiesel and Diesel Smoke Particles and Measuring their Dimensionless Light Extinction Constants
Choi, Seuk-Cheun; Jang, Yeong-Seok; Park, Seul-Hyun; Kim, Youn-Kyu;
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The dimensionless extinction constants of smoke particles produced from burning of soy methyl ester (B100) biodiesel and ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) fuels were measured. To this end, optical measurements of smoke volume fraction with the aid of a He-Ne laser at 633 nm were compared to the simultaneous gravimetric measurements. The average value of measured dimensionless extinction constants at 633 nm was 11.8 for biodiesel smoke particles and 11.1 for diesel smoke particles, respectively whose values are very comparable withing the range of measurement uncertainty (). The analysis of Raman spectroscopy revealed that overall characteristics of light extinction between particles produced from each fuel may differ from each other.
Dimensionless light extinction constant;Smoke particles;Biodiesel;Diesel;
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