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Study on Flora Distributed of Nearby Island and Yubu-do in Seocheon, Chungnam
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 Title & Authors
Study on Flora Distributed of Nearby Island and Yubu-do in Seocheon, Chungnam
Oh, Hyun-Kyung; Son, Byeong-Yul; Yun, Sang-Gi;
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This study is a survey of the flora distributed in Seocheon tidal flat wetland protected area of nearby island (Daejuk-do, Tokki-deung, Muk-do) and Yubo-do Seocheon-gun Chuncheongnam-do, Korea. The numbers of vascular plants were summarized as 231 taxa including 65 families, 167 genera, 204 species, 2 subspecies, 23 varieties and 2 forms. The halophytes were 33 taxa including 15 families, 29 genera, 29 species, 3 varieties and 1 form (Chenopodium album var. stenophyllum, Cnidium japonicum, Juncus haenkei and so on). The rare plants were 4 taxa including Pseudoraphis ukishiba (VU), Belamcanda chinensis (VU), Phacelurus latifolius (LC) and Polygonum bellardii (DD). The Korean endemic plants were 2 taxa including Salix pseudolasiogyne and Forsythia koreana. In the specific plants by floristic region were 24 taxa, a degree I were 19 taxa (Rhodotypos scandens, Zanthoxylum planispinum, Cynodon dactylon and so on), 2 taxa of a degree III (Elymus mollis and Asparagus oligoclonos), 3 taxa of a degree IV (Polygonum bellardii, Wisteria floribunda and Pseudoraphis ukishiba) and degree II, V were not found. The naturalized plants were 40 taxa including Phytolacca americana, Sicyos angulatus, Lactuca scariola and so on. Naturalization rate (NR) was 17.3% of all 231 taxa of vascular plants and urbanization index (UI) was 12.5% of all 321 taxa of naturalized plants. This study was performed to used as a basic data to identify the protected from plant ecosystems of type classify into analyze the vegetation characteristic of based on flora distributed in Yubu-do and nearby islands.
Halophytes;Naturalized plants;Rare and endemic plants;Seocheon tidal flat wetland protected area;Specific plants;
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