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A Study on the International Research Trends in Electronic Records Management: InterPARES 3 and ITrust Achievements
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the International Research Trends in Electronic Records Management: InterPARES 3 and ITrust Achievements
Park, Ok nam; Park, Heejin;
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This study aims to understand the concept and changes of the records management of InterPARES based on the analysis of background, main research interests, and major achievements of IP3 and ITrust. To this end, this study conducted a content analysis of IP3 and ITrust to drive main keywords. This study also utilized word clouds from IP project titles. In addition, a comparative analysis of IP3 and ITrust was conducted based on the environment, scope, core research areas, keywords, objectives, and record management life cycle perspectives. The research identified that InterPARES research was widely expanding the content and subject areas of the study: 1) to apply across the life cycle, as well as long-term preservation; 2) to focus on the concept of trust as well as the concept of authenticity; and 3) to include the concept of the Internet, digital forensics, and the open government along with electronic records.
InterPARES;ITrust;Trust;Record Management;Archives;
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