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R&D and Environmental Kuznets Curve Hypothesis: CO2 Case
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 Title & Authors
R&D and Environmental Kuznets Curve Hypothesis: CO2 Case
Kang, Heechan; Hwang, Sangyeon;
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In this paper, as a determining factor of the Environment Kuznets Curve hypothesis, we analyzed the impact of technological innovation. In this paper, in order to empirically validate the role of technological innovation to an inverted U-shaped Environments Kuznets Curve hypothesis, we utilize the 2SLS considering relationship between R&D and the GDP per capita. Also, using the Panel VAR (Panel Vector Auto Regression) model to analyze with what time lag R&D per capita has impact on the emissions of greenhouse gases per capita. Empirical results show that R&D per capita(proxy of innovation) is a important factor to explain Environmental Kuznets Curve hypothesis, and that the external shock such as R&D per capita reduces greenhouse gas emissions per capita with about 3 time lag.
EKC;technology innovation;Panel data analysis;P-VAR;
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