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Wood Properties of Quercus acuta due to Thinning Intensity
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 Title & Authors
Wood Properties of Quercus acuta due to Thinning Intensity
Hong, Nam-Euy; Won, Kyung-Rok; Jung, Su-Young; Lee, Kwang-Soo; Byeon, Hee-Seop;
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Wood properties depend on not only environmental factors such as soil, climate change, or forest stand characteristics, but also silviculture practices such as thinning, regeneration, or selection. This study report influences of the extent of thinning intensity from no thinning, moderate and heavy thinning to the wood property of Quercus acuta forest stands in Wan-do arboretum, Jeollanam-do Province. The results showed that there were close relationships between thinning intensity and anatomical, physical or mechanical properties of Quercus acuta wood. Especially, there are close relationships between thinning intensity and ring width or mechanical properties of wood. As a result, this study showed high correlations between Quercus acuta wood properties and thinning intensity of Quercus acuta forest stand. These findings are expected to be very useful as fundamental data for the implementation of silviculture practices of this specie to produce timber.
Quercus acuta;thinning intensity;anatomy;physical and mechanical properties;
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임분 특성에 따른 종가시나무의 물리·역학적 특성,홍남의;원경록;유병오;정수영;김병로;변희섭;

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