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Enhancing Enzymatic Digestibility of Miscanthus sinensis using Steam Explosion Coupled with Chemicals
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 Title & Authors
Enhancing Enzymatic Digestibility of Miscanthus sinensis using Steam Explosion Coupled with Chemicals
Jung, Ji Young; Yang, Jae-Kyung;
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The effect of steam explosion coupled with alkali (1% sodium hydroxide, 1% potassium hydroxide and 15% sodium carbonate) or organosolv solvent (85% methanol, 70% ethanol and dioxane) on the production of sugar, changes in the chemical composition of M. sinensis were evaluated. The steam explosion coupled with 1% potassium hydroxide and dioxane were better as compared with other treatments based on the removals of acid insoluble lignin, and about 89.0% and 85.4%. Enzymatic hydrolysis of steam explosion with 1% potassium hydroxide and dioxane treated M. sinensis, gave a 98.0% and 96.5% of glucose conversion, respectively. These results suggested that pretreatment of M. sinensis with either potassium hydroxide or dioxane could be a promising pretreatment method for glucose production.
Miscanthus sinensis;steam explosion;pretreatment;enzymatic hydrolysis;potassium hydroxide;dioxane;
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