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Seasonal Patterns of Sediment Supply to Coastal Foredune of Seungbong Island, Korea
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  • Journal title : Ocean and Polar Research
  • Volume 24, Issue 1,  2002, pp.39-45
  • Publisher : Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology
  • DOI : 10.4217/OPR.2002.24.1.039
 Title & Authors
Seasonal Patterns of Sediment Supply to Coastal Foredune of Seungbong Island, Korea
Woo, Han-Jun; Seo, Jong-Chul; Kweon, Su-Jae; Je, Jong-Geel;
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The seasonal patterns of sediment supply were investigated during the period of June 1999 to June 2000 on a coastal foredune of Seungbong Island, Korea. Sediment supply was determined from measurements of geomorphic changes in the foredune and beach along six lines. Most sands were deposited on the dunefoot and foredune area during the winter and spring, from November to April. The largest amount of sands was deposited along the lines 5 and 6 near the sea-dike in the southern tip of the dune area. In general, the sand on the beach was gradually eroded in spring, summer and fall but deposited in winter. Total sediment accumulation over the study period was for the foredune and for the beach. The volume of the foredune increased in the winter and spring, whereas the volume of beach increased in the winter. Variation in sediment deposition appears to be controlled primarily by variations in the seasonal wind regime.
coastal foredune;geomorphic change;wind;sediment accumulation;
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신두리 해안 Side Scan Sonar 해저면 음향영상과 해저퇴적물,우한준;이용국;정갑식;제종길;박건태;정백훈;조진형;김성렬;

한국지구과학회지, 2002. vol.23. 8, pp.707-721
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