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Different Climate Regimes Over the Coastal Regions of the Eastern Antarctic Ice Sheet
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  • Journal title : Ocean and Polar Research
  • Volume 24, Issue 3,  2002, pp.227-236
  • Publisher : Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology
  • DOI : 10.4217/OPR.2002.24.3.227
 Title & Authors
Different Climate Regimes Over the Coastal Regions of the Eastern Antarctic Ice Sheet
Cunde, Xiao; Dahe, Qin; Zhongqin, Li; Jiawen, Ren; Allison, Ian;
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For ten firn cores, from both the eastern and the western side of Lambert Glacier basin (LGB), snow accumulation rate and isotopic temperature were measured far the recent 50 years. Results show that snow accumulation for five cores over the eastern side of LGB (GC30, GD03, GD15, DT001, and DT085) at Wilks Land and Princess Elizabeth Land increases, whereas it decreases at the western side (Core E, DML05, W200, LGB 16, and MGA) at Dronning Maud Land, Mizuho Plateau and Kamp Land. For the past decades, the increasing rate was at the eastern side and the decreasing rate was at the western side. Temperatures at the eastern LGB were also increased with the rate of . At the western LGB it was difficult to see clear trends, which were confirmed by Instrumental temperature records at coastal stations. Although statistic analysis and modeling results display that both surface temperature and accumulation rate has increased trends in Antarctic ice sheet during 1950-2000, the regional distributions were much more different for different geographic areas. We believe that ice-core records at Wilks Land and Princess Elizabeth Land reflect the real variations of SST and moisture change in the southern India Ocean. For the Kamp Land and Dronning Maud Land, however circulation pattern was different, by which the climate was more complicated. The International Trans-Antarctic Scientific Expedition (ITASE) aimed to reveal an overall spatial pattern of climate change over Antarctic ice sheet for the past 200 years. This study points the importance of continental to regional circulation to annual-decadal scale climate change in Antarctica.
antarctic ice sheet;Lambert Glacier basin (LGB);climate change;firn core;
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