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Axial Seamount Basalts in P3 Segment of Phoenix Ridge, Drake Passage, Antarctica: K-Ar Age Determination and Geochemistry
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  • Journal title : Ocean and Polar Research
  • Volume 25, Issue 1,  2003, pp.107-118
  • Publisher : Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology
  • DOI : 10.4217/OPR.2003.25.1.107
 Title & Authors
Axial Seamount Basalts in P3 Segment of Phoenix Ridge, Drake Passage, Antarctica: K-Ar Age Determination and Geochemistry
Lee, Jong-Ik; Hur, Soon-Do; Lee, Mi-Jung; Kim, Kyu-Jung; Nagao, Keisuke;
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The axial seamount basalts in the P3 segment of the Phoenix Ridge were obtained from dredging and the K-Ar age determination and whole-rock geochemical analyses have been done for understanding their origin. The K-Ar ages for PRS basalts sampled from 1,000m below sea level are 2.6-2.2 Ma and those for PR3 basalts from 800m are 1.6-1.5 Ma. The younger ages towards the crest of the seamount indicate that this submarine volcano has been grown by central eruptions. The youngest age of about 1.5 Ma for PR3 basalts corresponds to the final eruption period of this volcano. The seamount basalts contain small amounts of normative quartz and olivine. They have transitional geochemical nature between alkaline- and subalkaline-series basalts. Trace and rare earth elements compositions of the seamount basalts are very similar to those of ocean island basalts (OIB), and indicate that this seamount has been formed by a hotspot activity, not in association with a seafloor spreading. The melting degree from the source has decreased with time, and finally the volcanic activity has stopped when the basaltic magma reached mild alkaline composition.
axial seamount;K-Ar age;hotspot-type volcanism;Phoenix Ridge;
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