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High-Resolution (3.5kHz) Echo Characters of the Northern South Shetland Continental Margin and the South Scotia Sea, Antarctica
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  • Journal title : Ocean and Polar Research
  • Volume 25, Issue 4,  2003, pp.557-567
  • Publisher : Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology
  • DOI : 10.4217/OPR.2003.25.4.557
 Title & Authors
High-Resolution (3.5kHz) Echo Characters of the Northern South Shetland Continental Margin and the South Scotia Sea, Antarctica
Lee, Sang-Hoon; Jin, Young-Keun; Kim, Kyu-Jung; Nam, Sang-Heon; Kim, Yea-Dong;
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High-resolution (3.5 kHz) subbottom profiles were analyzed in order to reveal sedimentation pattern of late Quaternary in the northern South Shetland continental margin and the South Scotia Sea, Antarctica. On the basis of clarity, continuity and geometry of surface and subbottom echoes together with seafloor topography, high-resolution echo characters are classified into eight echo types which represent rock basements (echo type III-1), coarse-grained subglacial till or moraine (echo type I-1), slides/slumps (echo type IV), debris-flow deposits (echo types II-3 and III-2), and bottom-current deposits (echo types I-2, II-1 and II-2). Subglacial till or moraine (echo type I-1) is mostly present in the lower continental shelf and upper continental slope of the northern South Shetland continental margin, which changes downslope to slides/slumps (echo type IV) and debris-flow deposits (echo types II-3 and III-2) in the middle to lower continental slope. This distribution suggests that the continental slopes of the northern South Shetland continental margin were mostly affected by downslope gravitational processes. Further downslope, bottom-current sediments (echo type I-2) deposited by the southwestward flowing Antarctic Deep Water (ADW) occur at the South Shetland Trench, reflecting an Interaction between mass flows and bottom currents in the area. In contrast to the northern South Shetland continental margin, the South Scotia Sea is dominated by bottom-current deposits (echo types II-1 and II-2), indicating that the sedimentation was mostly controlled by the westward flowing ADW. Flow intensity of the ADW has increased in the relative topographic highs, forming thin covers of coarse-grained contourites (echo type II-1), whereas it has decreased in the relative topographic lows, depositing thick, fine-grained contourites (echo type II-2). The poor development of wave geometry in the fine-grained bottom-current deposits (echo type II-2) is suggestive of the unsteady nature of the ADW flow.
high-resolution acoustic characters;late Quaternary sedimentation;mass-flow and bottom-current deposits;northern South Shetland continental margin;South Scotia Sea;
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남극 남쉐틀랜드 군도 북부 대륙주변부의 후기 제 4기 퇴적작용,윤석훈;윤호일;강천윤;

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