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Reproductive Phenology of Four Korean Seagrasses, Zostera caespitosa, Z. caulescens, Z. japonica and Z. marina
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  • Journal title : Ocean and Polar Research
  • Volume 27, Issue 2,  2005, pp.125-133
  • Publisher : Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology
  • DOI : 10.4217/OPR.2005.27.2.125
 Title & Authors
Reproductive Phenology of Four Korean Seagrasses, Zostera caespitosa, Z. caulescens, Z. japonica and Z. marina
Lee, Sung-Mi; Lee, Sang-Yong; Choi, Chung-Il;
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This study described the phonology and reproductive potential of four species of Korean seagrasses, Zostera caespitosa, Z. caulescem, Z. Japonica and Z. marina. Z. caespitosa and Z. caulescens sampled from a mixed stand at the subtidal area of Yulpo Bay, Geojedo of the South Sea of Korea in November 2002 and August 2003. Z japonica and Z. marina occurred at the depth between the middle intertidal and shallow subtidal (<1m below mean sea level) of Seungbongdo (in Yellow Sea) samples collected in February and October 2003. The sexual reproductive phase of the four Zostera species was apparently different in timing of flowering, reproductive period, fruiting and seed maturing. Z. caespitosa flowered from February to early May , and its seed production completed in early May. The reproductive shoots of Z. caulescens began to appear in January , and its flowering followed from February to June . The flowers of Z. japonica were observed from July to September , and its seeds matured from August to September. The most commonly I marina flowered from April to August and developed into seeds in July. Z. caulescens, the largest plant, had the highest number of seeds per shoot and longest spadix length. Z. marina, which was intermediate In size, recorded the highest reproductive potential. The study indicates that the reproductive phase and potential of the four species of seagrass from Korea are highly related to water temperature, and the populations of these species show a perennial lifespan with a low sexual reproductive input.
phenology;reproductive potential;Zostera caespitosa;Z. caulescens;Z. japonica;Z. marina;
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한국연안 3개 해초지 표층수에서 식물플랑크톤 군집구조의 계절 변화,이상용;이인우;최청일;

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