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Measurement of Low-Frequency Ocean Noise by a Self-Recording Hydrophone
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  • Journal title : Ocean and Polar Research
  • Volume 29, Issue 4,  2007, pp.311-316
  • Publisher : Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology
  • DOI : 10.4217/OPR.2007.29.4.311
 Title & Authors
Measurement of Low-Frequency Ocean Noise by a Self-Recording Hydrophone
Kim, Bong-Chae; Kim, Byoung-Nam; Cho, Hong-Sang;
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Ocean noise may be used for monitoring wind speed and rainfall rate on the sea surface, as well as for tracking whales` migration routes. In particular, low-frequency ocean noise has recently been of concern with relation to the behavior of marine mammals. Low-frequency ocean noise has been increasing over the past few decades due to increase of ship traffic and offshore oil industry activities. Mechanical noise such as flow noise and cable strumming noise may be induced if low-frequency ocean noise is measured by cabled traditional hydrophone in high current areas. To successfully measure low-frequency ocean noise in a shallow water environment with strong current, we developed a self-recording hydrophone. This paper describes the main configurations of the self-recording hydrophone and presents some results on measured data.
low-frequency ocean noise;self-recording hydrophone;current velocity;wind speed;
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