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Coral Reef Habitat Monitoring Using High-spatial Satellite Imagery : A Case Study from Chuuk Lagoon in FSM
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  • Journal title : Ocean and Polar Research
  • Volume 32, Issue 1,  2010, pp.53-61
  • Publisher : Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology
  • DOI : 10.4217/OPR.2010.32.1.053
 Title & Authors
Coral Reef Habitat Monitoring Using High-spatial Satellite Imagery : A Case Study from Chuuk Lagoon in FSM
Min, Jee-Eun; Ryu, Joo-Hyung; Choi, Jong-Kuk; Park, Heung-Sik;
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The distribution of coral reefs can be an indicator of environmental or anthropogenic impacts. Here, we present a habitat map of coral reefs developed using high-spatial satellite images. The study area was located on the north-eastern part of Weno island, in the Chuuk lagoon of Federated States of Micronesia. Two fieldwork expeditions were carried out between 2007 and 2008 to acquire optical and environmental data from 121 stations. We used an IKONOS image obtained in December 2000, and a Kompsat-2 image obtained in September 2008 for the purpose of coral reef mapping. We employed an adapted version of the object-based classification method for efficient classification of the high-spatial satellite images. The habitat map generated using Kompsat-2 was 72.22% accurate in terms of comparative analysis with in-situ measurements. The result of change detection analysis between 2000 and 2008 showed that coral reef distribution had decreased by 6.27% while seagrass meadows had increased by 8.0%.
coral reef;habitat change monitoring;IKONOS;Kompsat-2;Micronesia;
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