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VHCF Characteristics of A7075-T651 under Pressure Variation by Shot Peening Treatment
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VHCF Characteristics of A7075-T651 under Pressure Variation by Shot Peening Treatment
Suh, Chang-Min; Kim, Cheol; Kim, Tae-Joon;
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In this paper, the fatigue characteristics of shot peened A7075-T651 alloy were compared with those of the specimens without the shot peening. The multi-spindle and single-spindle rotating bending fatigue testing machines were employed for the evaluation. Shot peening (SP) with various pressure (5 psi, 10 psi, 15 psi, 25 psi and 35 psi) were used in this test. In order to investigate the effect of the applied pressure during the SP, we carried out the surface roughness test, compressive residual stress test, hardness test, tensile test, VHCF (Very high cycle fatigue) test and SEM observation. SP induced the formation of remarkable compressive residual stress from the surface to certain depth of sample by means of the plastic deformation. The surface hardness and the fatigue characteristics of the specimens were also modified by the SP. According to the S-N curves, fatigue lives of shot peended sample with 25 psi measures 50 times higher than that of the untreated sample. The fatigue lives of shot peened sample with 15 psi and 35 psi measure approximately 10 times higher than that of the untreated ones.
Shot peening;VHCF(Very high cycle fatigue);Fatigue characteristic;
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마찰교반용접된 Al7075-T651 용접부의 피로균열전파 거동에 미치는 시험편 채취방향의 영향,정의한;김선진;

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