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Behavior Characteristic of Shaping Formation according to Joint Type of Structures
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 Title & Authors
Behavior Characteristic of Shaping Formation according to Joint Type of Structures
Kim, Jin-Woo; Eom, Jang-Sub; Lee, Yong-Hee;
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This paper concerned with the behaviour of shaping formation and the erection for SCST structure by cable-tensioning for three kinds of structure models. The joint types of experimental models are ball type joints, bolt type joints with gusset plates, and bolt type joints. The feasibility of the proposed shaping method and the reliability of the established geometric model were confirmed with a nonlinear finite element analysis and an experimental investigation for full size scaled pyramid test model and three kinds of SCST structure models. The characteristic of the behaviour of each joint type is shown in the shaping test for practical design purposes. As a results, the behaviour characteristics of joints is very significant in shaping analysis of space structures. So the joint type should be considered in the design and analysis of the shape formation for space structures. Also, in the special field condition, it could be a fast and economical method for constructing the space structure.
Cable-tensioning;Joint type;Mechanism;SCST structure;
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