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Experimental Study of Hydrodynamic Performance of Backward Bent Duct Buoy (BBDB) Floating Wave Energy Converter
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 Title & Authors
Experimental Study of Hydrodynamic Performance of Backward Bent Duct Buoy (BBDB) Floating Wave Energy Converter
Kim, Sung-Jae; Kwon, Jinseong; Kim, Jun-Dong; Koo, Weoncheol; Shin, Sungwon; Kim, Kyuhan;
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An experimental study on the hydrodynamic performance of a backward bent duct buoy (BBDB) was performed in a 2D wave tank. The BBDB is one of the promising oscillating water column (OWC) types of floating wave energy converters. Two different corner-shaped BBDBs (sharp-corner and round-corner) were used to measure the maximum chamber surface elevations and body motions for various incident wave conditions, and their hydrodynamic characteristics were compared. In order to investigate the effect of the pneumatic pressure inside the chamber, the heave and pitch angle interacted with elevations were compared for both open chamber and partially open chamber BBDBs. From the comparison study, the deviation in the chamber surface elevations between the two shapes of BBDBs was found to be significant near the resonance period, which may be explained by viscous energy loss. It was also found that the pneumatic pressure noticeably affected the chamber surface elevation and body motions.
Oscillating water column (OWC);Floating wave energy converter;Chamber pressure;Water surface elevation;Motion RAO;2-D Wave tank experiment;
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2차원 조파수조에서의 파 생성 특성 조사,안재열;최정규;김형태;

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한국해양공학회지, 2013. vol.27. 6, pp.32-42 crossref(new window)
파의 수평운동을 이용한 가동물체형 파력발전장치의 개발과 전력생산에 관한 수리실험,황성수;이동수;양경욱;변정환;박일흠;

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