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Mechanical Properties of Si3N4 Ceramic Composites with Aligned Whisker Seeds
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 Title & Authors
Mechanical Properties of Si3N4 Ceramic Composites with Aligned Whisker Seeds
Kim, Han-Gil; Bang, Kook-Soo; Jung, Sang-Jin; Park, Chan;
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Four kinds of silicon nitride composites with tri-laminate structure were prepared by stacking tapes with aligned whisker seeds. The composites were fabricated using a modified tape casting method for enhanced alignment of the whisker seeds. The relative densities of all four samples reached 99% at room temperature. The three-point flexural strengths of the samples according to the stacking sequences were measured at both room temperature and 1723 K. The high temperature strength of sample WWW was MPa. The fracture of sample WWW occurred mainly along the grain boundary. The room temperature strengths of samples OOO, OWO, WOW, and WWW were MPa, MPa, MPa, and MPa, respectively.
composites;Gas pressure sintering;Flexural strength;Whisker seeds;Mechanical property;Tape casting;
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