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Fabrication of piezoelectric PZT thick film by aerosol deposition method
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 Title & Authors
Fabrication of piezoelectric PZT thick film by aerosol deposition method
Kim, Ki-Hoon; Bang, Kook-Soo; Park, Chan;
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Lead zirconate titanate (PZT) thick films with a thickness of were fabricated on silicone substrates using an aerosol deposition method. The starting powder, which had diameters of , was observed using SEM. The average diameter () was . An XRD analysis showed a typical perovskite structure, a mixture of the tetragonal phase and rhombohedral phase. The as-deposited film with nano-sized grains had a fairly dense microstructure without any cracks. The deposited film showed a mixture of an amorphous phase and a very fine crystalline phase by diffraction pattern analysis using TEM. The as-deposited films on silicon were annealed at a temperature of . A 20- thick PZT film was torn out as a result of the high compressive stress between the PZT film and substrate.
PZT powder;Aerosol deposition method;FE-SEM;Thick film;Ceramics;TEM;
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Sol-Gel 법에 의한 압전 PZT 후막의 제조,박종환;방국수;박찬;

한국해양공학회지, 2015. vol.29. 1, pp.94-99 crossref(new window)
에어로졸 증착법에 의한 압전 PZT 후막의 전기적 특성,김기훈;방국수;박동수;박찬;

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