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Wave Power Extraction by Strip Array of Multiple Buoys
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Wave Power Extraction by Strip Array of Multiple Buoys
Cho, Il-Hyoung;
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The majority of existing WECs (wave energy converters) are designed to achieve maximum power at a resonance condition. In the case of a single WEC, its size must be large enough for tuning, and it has high efficiency only within a limited frequency band. Recently, wave power extraction by deploying many small buoys in a compact array has been studied under the assumption that the buoy's size and separation distance are much smaller than the water depth, wave length, and size of the array. A boundary value problem involving the macro-scale boundary condition on the mean surface covered by an infinite strip of buoys is solved using the eigenfunction expansion method. The energy extraction efficiency (), where and are the reflection and transmission coefficients for a strip array of buoys, is assessed for various combinations of packing ratio, strip width, and PTO damping coefficient.
Wave energy converter;Strip array;Energy extraction efficiency;Eigenfunction expansion method;Heaving buoy;
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