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Marine Ecotoxicological Evaluation on HNS Spill Accident : Nitric Acid Spill Case Study
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 Title & Authors
Marine Ecotoxicological Evaluation on HNS Spill Accident : Nitric Acid Spill Case Study
Kim, Tae-Won; Kim, Young Ryun; Jo, So Eun; Son, Min Ho; Lee, Moonjin; Oh, Sangwoo;
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This study intends to evaluate the effect of nitric acid() spill accidents on the marine ecosystem, while is known as one of the typical HNS. For this purpose, we performed (1) the growth inhibition test by using phytoplankton(Skeletonema costatum), (2) acute and chronic toxicity test by using invertebrate(Brachionus plicatilis and Monocorphium acherusicum), (3) fish(Cyprinodon variegatus) and (4) bacteria(Vibrio fischeri). In these tests, we observed the (1) pH changes induced by the nitric acid spill and (2) changes in nitrate() concentration disassociated from nitric acid after the accident, respectively. The toxicity test result on pH changes induced by shows that the no observed effect concentration(NOEC), lowest observed effect concentration(LOEC) and 50 % effect concentration() values of M. acherusicum are pH 7 (0.3 mM), pH 5(1.1 mM) and pH 5.2(1.4 mM), respectively, indicating that M. acherusicum is the most sensitive species. The chronic toxicity test (population growth rate test) on of B. plicatilis show that the NOEC, LOEC and are 5.9 mM, 11.8 mM and 32.6 mM, respectively, indicating that B. plicatilis is the most sensitive species. In conclusion, toxic effecst on the marine organism caused by the nitric acid spill accident is determined to be so slightly except for the most adjacent area of the ship in pH scale and such concentration of nitrate, to the extent of directly influencing the survival and reproduction of the marine organism, is determined practically not to be applicable in the typical accidents in the sea.
HNS;Nitric acid;Nitrate;Toxicity test;;;Marine organism;
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