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Effect of Energy Loss by a Vertical Slotted Wall
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Energy Loss by a Vertical Slotted Wall
Cho, Il-Hyoung;
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The eigenfunction expansion method is appled for the wave scattering by a vertical slotted, where both the inertial and quadratic drag terms are involved. Quadratic drag term representing the energy loss is linearized by the application of socalled equivalent linearization. The drag coefficient, which was empirically determined by Yoon et al.(2006) and Huang(2007) is used. Analytical results are verified by comparison to the experimental results conducted by Kwon et al.(2014) and Zhu and Chwang(2001). Using the developed design tool, the effect of energy loss by a vertical slotted wall is estimated with various design parameters, such as porosity, submergence depth, shape of slits and wave characteristics. It is found that the maximum value of energy loss across the slotted wall is generated at porosity value less than P = 0.1. The present solutions can provide a good predictive tools to estimate the wave absorbing efficiency by a slotted-wall breakwater.
slotted wall;transmission coefficient;energy loss coefficient;wave force;porosity;
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