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An Analytical Study on Generation of Pore-Water Pressures Induced by Flow and Waves in Seabed, and Resulting Liquefaction
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 Title & Authors
An Analytical Study on Generation of Pore-Water Pressures Induced by Flow and Waves in Seabed, and Resulting Liquefaction
Lee, Kwang-Ho; Kim, Dong-Wook; Kim, Do-Sam; Bae, Ki-Seong; Jeon, Jong-Hyeok;
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Analytical solutions for interaction between seabed and waves such as progressive wave or partial standing wave with arbitrary reflection ratio or standing wave have been developed by many researchers including Lee et al.(2014; 2015a; 2015b; 2015c; 2015d) and Yamamoto et al.(1978). They handled the pore-water pressure as oscillating pore-water pressure and residual pore-water pressure separately and discussed the seabed response on each pore-water pressure. However, based on field observations and laboratory experiments, the oscillating and residual pore-water pressures in the seabed do occur not separately but together at the same time. Therefore, the pore-water pressure should be investigated from a total pore-water pressure point of view. Thus, in this paper, the wave-induced seabed response including liquefaction depth was discussed among oscillating, residual, and total pore-water pressures' point of view according to the variation of wave, seabed, and flow conditions. From the results, in the field of flow with the same direction of progressive wave, the following seabed response has been identified; with increase of flow velocity, the dimensionless oscillating pore-water pressure increases, but the dimensionless residual pore-water pressure decreases, and consequently the dimensionless total pore-water pressure and the dimensionless liquefaction depth decrease.
oscillating;residual and total pore-water pressures;progressive waves;flow;liquefaction;
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콘크리트매트 피복을 이용한 잠제하 해저지반에서의 액상화 대책공법에 관한 수치해석(규칙파 조건),이광호;류흥원;김동욱;김도삼;김태형;

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