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The design and the analysis of a LED lens for forming a uniform illumination on an illuminating plane
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The design and the analysis of a LED lens for forming a uniform illumination on an illuminating plane
You, Ilhyun;
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In this research, an overlapped illumination model was newly proposed for designing a freeform LED lens with a uniform illuminance distribution on its illuminating plane. Based on the proposed model and conventional illumination models, freeform lenses were designed and their performances and tolerances were compared. As a result of the tolerance analysis about thickness change in lens, position, size change, central direction change of light emission and characteristic change in LED source. This proposed model and divergent illumination model are similar to the performance about central direction change of light emission in LED source. but the uniformity illumination value in this proposed model is more remarkably value than it in divergent illumination model about characteristic change in LED source.
Freeform Lens;LED lens;Uniform illuminance;half angle;
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AC DOB 기술을 적용한 LED 가로등의 조명 성능,권순필;이수영;유경선;현동훈;

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