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Uncertainty Analysis of Observation Matrix for 3D Reconstruction
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 Title & Authors
Uncertainty Analysis of Observation Matrix for 3D Reconstruction
Koh, Sung-shik;
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Statistical optimization algorithms have been variously developed to estimate the 3D shape and motion. However, statistical approaches are limited to analyze the sensitive effects of SfM(Shape from Motion) according to the camera`s geometrical position or viewing angles and so on. This paper propose the quantitative estimation method about the uncertainties of an observation matrix by using camera imaging configuration factors predict the reconstruction ambiguities in SfM. This is a very efficient method to predict the final reconstruction performance of SfM algorithm. Moreover, the important point is that our method show how to derive the active guidelines in order to set the camera imaging configurations which can be expected to lead the reasonable reconstruction results. The experimental results verify the quantitative estimates of an observation matrix by using camera imaging configurations and confirm the effectiveness of our algorithm.
3D Reconstruction;Observation Matrix;Uncertainty Analysis;Noise Estimation;Camera Configuration;
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