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On the Spectral Efficient Physical-Layer Network Coding Technique Based on Spatial Modulation
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 Title & Authors
On the Spectral Efficient Physical-Layer Network Coding Technique Based on Spatial Modulation
Kim, Wan Ho; Lee, Woongsup; Jung, Bang Chul; Park, Jeonghong;
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Recently, the volume of mobile data traffic increases exponentially due to the emergence of various mobile services. In order to resolve the problem of mobile traffic increase, various new technologies have been devised. Especially, two-way relay communication in which two nodes can transfer data simultaneously through relay node, has gained lots of interests due to its capability to improve spectral efficiency. In this paper, we analyze the SM-PNC which combines Physical-layer Network Coding (PNC) and Spatial Modulation (SM) under two-way relay communication environment. Log-Likelihood Ratio (LLR) is considered and both separate decoding and direct decoding have been taken into account in performance analysis. Through performance evaluation, we have found that the bit error rate of the proposed scheme is improved compared to that of the conventional PNC scheme, especially when SNR is high and the number of antennas is large.
Two-way Relaying Technique;Physical-layer Network Coding;Spatial Modulation;Log-likelihood Ratio;
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