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Visual quality enhancement of three-dimensional photon-counting integral imaging using background noise removal algorithm
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 Title & Authors
Visual quality enhancement of three-dimensional photon-counting integral imaging using background noise removal algorithm
Cho, Ki-Ok; Kim, Young jun; Kim, Cheolsu; Cho, Myungjin;
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In this paper, we present a visual quality enhancement technique for conventional three-dimensional (3D) photon counting integral imaging using background noise removal algorithm. Photon counting imaging can detect a few photons from desired objects and visualize them under severely photon-starved conditions such as low light level environment. However, when a lot of photons are generated from background, it is difficult to detect photons from desired objects. Thus, the visual quality of the reconstructed image may be degraded. Therefore, in this paper, we propose a new photon counting imaging method that removes unnecessary background noise and detects photons from only desired objects. In addition, integral imaging can be used to obtain 3D information and visualize the 3D image by statistical estimations such as maximum likelihood estimation. To prove and evaluate our proposed method, we implement the optical experiment and calculate mean square error.
3D display;depth conversion;elemental images;integral imaging;orthosocpic display;
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