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An Evaluation of Induced Voltage according to the Grounding Resistance of a 22.9 kV-Y Distribution Line Simulated for its Field Application for Lightning Prevention
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An Evaluation of Induced Voltage according to the Grounding Resistance of a 22.9 kV-Y Distribution Line Simulated for its Field Application for Lightning Prevention
Kim, Jeom-Sik; Choi, Chung-Seog;
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This study performed simulation tests to prevent induced lightning that occurs to a 22.9 kV-Y distribution line. A simulated distribution line reduced to 1/50 of an actual distribution line was installed to measure the induced voltage according to the change in grounding resistance. It was found that the induced voltage increased as the grounding resistance increased but that the range of its increase was small. This study examined the reliability of the proposed lightning preventive distribution line using the Minitab program (Minitab 17). When a grounding resistance of was maintained for each electric pole, the Anderson Darling (AD) was 0.410, the smallest, and the P value was analyzed to be 0.323, verifying that the reliability and stability were excellent. Therefore, these results will be utilized as a basis for the substantiation of a lightning preventive distribution line before its installation.
grounding resistance;22.9 kV-Y distribution line;lightning prevention line;minitab 17;anderson darling(AD);
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