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Application of FDS for the Hazard Analysis of Lubricating Oil Fires in the Air Compressor Room of Domestic Nuclear Power Plant
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 Title & Authors
Application of FDS for the Hazard Analysis of Lubricating Oil Fires in the Air Compressor Room of Domestic Nuclear Power Plant
Han, Ho-Sik; Hwang, Cheol-Hong; Baik, Kyung Lok; Lee, Sangkyu;
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The standard procedure of fire modeling was reviewed to minimize the user dependence, based on the NUREG-1934 and 1824 reports. The hazard analysis of lubricating oil fires in the air compressor room of domestic nuclear power plant (NPP) was also performed using a representative fire model, FDS (Fire Dynamics Simulator). The area () and location of fire source were considered as major parameters for the realistic fire scenarios. As a result, the maximum probability to exceed the thermal damage criteria of IEEE-383 unqualified electrical cables was predicted as approximately 70% with $A_f
nuclear power plant;lubricating oil fire;fire modeling;fire risk analysis;FDS(Fire Dynamics Simulator);
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화재모델링을 이용한 목표 대상물의 열적 손상에 대한 정량적 위험성 평가방법의 고찰,양호동;한호식;황철홍;김성찬;

한국화재소방학회논문지, 2016. vol.30. 5, pp.116-123 crossref(new window)
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